•We strive for upholding the rule of law that serves justice, legal certainty & predictability and public order.

•We provide legal solution to any problems with high credibility of professionalism, expertise and care.

•We continue to work on law reform as our response to the ever-changing needs of the society reflecting the function of laws as the tool of social engineering.


Law Offices of Remy & Partners is the par excellence Law firm with honor, credibility and prestige that provides professional and ethical legal services, litigation and non litigation, to its client and that has worldwide networking with other international law firms.

The History

Law Offices of REMY & PARTNERS is founded by Prof. Dr. Sutan Remy Sjahdeini, SH., FCBArb. since February 1998 previously known as the Law Offices of Remy & Darus, which then currently re named as the Law Offices of Remy & Partners since February 2008.

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Prof. Dr. Sutan Remy Sjahdeini, S.H.

Chairman, Founder, Senior Partner.

An expert in Business Law specializing in Banking Law, Bankruptcy Law, Secured Transaction, Economic and Corporate Crime. He is Professor of Law at various well known universities in Indonesia teaching Business Law (Banking and Central Bank Law) and Economic and Corporate Crime. He is currently President Commisioner of PT DANAREKSA (Persero) which is a state owned securities company. He served as Chairman of Bank Indonesia Supervisory Board (2005 - 2008), Director of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (1992 - l 997), member of the Legislation Drafting Team. He has also acted as expert witness in various court trials.

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Suhadibroto, S.H.

Founder, Senior Partner, Internal Consultant for Criminal Law.

An expert in Criminal Law. He was former Junior Attorney General (Civil & Administration Law) of the Republic of Indonesia. He is currently a member of the National Commission of Law of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Drs. Normin S. Pakpahan, S.H., M.B.A.

Founder, Senior Partner,Internal Consultant for Business Law.

Mr. Pakpahan is an economist and expert in Management and Business Law. He served as Director of Asian Development Bank (A.D.B.), Manila, Philippines from 1998 to 2004. He is former Deputy Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (1988–1998). He served as Commissioner of PT. Semen Gresik (Persero) (1990–1997) and President Commissioner of PT. INDONESIA ASAHAN ALUMINIUM (INALUM) in 1997- 1998. He teaches Business Law at the School of Management of the GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY.